22 January 2015

Akhil Bhartiya Varkari Plan VARKARI CUG PLAN

Akhil Bhartiya Varkari Plan

Particulars Prepaid CUG-180 Akhil
Bhartiya Varkari Mandal
SIM Card charges ( One time ) Rs. 20/-
Minimum recharge per month/per connections ( including
CUG) for less than 1000 connnections
Rs. 180/-
Total Minimum Recharge per month/connection (after
booking/activation of 1000 connections with CUG facility free)
Rs. 120/-
Validity in days 30 days
TOP UP card Talk time value As per actual
Free talk (Local) Own Network 6000 Seconds
Other Network 3000 Seconds
Free SMS 100 Nos.
Free GPRS 30 MB
Minimum commitment for number of connections 5000 within 6 months
Pulse rate (Second) per second
A. Intra Circle calls
To GSM/Fixed /WLL Own Network 1.2 paisa/second
Other Network 1.5 paisa/second
B. Inter Circle Calls
To GSM/WLL/Fixed Line Own Network 2 paisa/second
Other Network 2 paisa/second
C. International Calls (ISD) As per General Prepaid Plan
D. National Roaming Charges
Outgoing calls Local/STD (Own/Other Network) 1.2 paisa/second
Incoming Calls
E. SMS Charges (Rs. Per SMS)
Local/National Own Network Rs. 0.70
Other Network Rs. 0.80
International Rs. 5/-
F-GPRS Charges Rs. 0.02/10kb
All other charges As per General Prepaid Plan
1) The Above plan shall be offered only through BSNL outlets (CSCs)
2) If the user fails to recharge the minimum recharge coupon applicable to plan, he will be
disconnected from the CUG and his outgoing will be barred and he will be treated as
general prepaid customer
3) Waiver of CUG charges i.e. Rs.60/- per month/connection will be applicable only after
activation of 1000 connections
4) Above special tariff is approved, subject to the commitment for the number of
connections within given period (in this case 5000 nos). If the customer fails to fulfil it,
then BSNL reserves the right to convert existing connections activated under this plan in
to general prepaid with immediate effect and without any intimation to the customer.
5) This offer is valid for 180 days i.e. up to 30.05.2015
6) Submission of CAF with all other supportive documents under this scheme, and their
genuineness/verification as per the guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate office for the
7) Existing BSNL connection may be allowed to convert into this plan as per BSNL procedure
8) MNP may be allowed as per BSNL procedure
9) This Plan is valid for 01 year, BSNL may revise this plan after 01 year as per the trend of
the retail market